Engine Line boring

Engine Line boring

On-site line boring of huge generating and marine engines and mechanical device main bearing bores that are broken by engine failures and therefore the like lend themselves to the current terribly convenient and competitive repair procedure.

The Dynamics Engineering incorporates a vary of  in-line boring machines and associated laser and optical alignment tooling and accessories ,to hide most engine sorts requiring engine bedplate rejuvenation whether or not they be the standard bedplate layout or the under-slung style of engine.

Engine Line Boring services

·         Selective electro-plating and thermal spraying to re-establish OEM design sizes.

·         Make-up sleeves to re-establish damaged bores to OEM design sizes.

·         Metal stitching repairs for major and minor fractures or broken castings.

·         Milling of worn bearing cap locations.

 Repairs carried out by our experienced personnel can take the form of repairing individual main bearing pocket bores or the whole line of bores.

Our experienced engineers take the form of repairing individual main bearing pocket bores or the whole line of bores.

Because of  together  working with engine manufacturers, owners or both, a defined workscope is formulated and the work administered in accordance with OEM design standards.

There are different ways that within which to repair the bores and it  depends on the maker’s preferences. usually bores are machined oversize, thermal sprayed and at last bored to standard size. Though rarely used selective plating in another means of repair, again bores are machining oversize, electro-plated before machining to standard sizes.

Sleeving of main bearing bores could be a technique usually adopted to repair broken bores, this procedure needs the bores to be machined to permit the fitting of a make-up sleeve and secured with a series of radially fitted screws before machining to style size. associate allowance is left within the sleeve for final machining to standard size.

In every of the above repair ways it\’s only the lower half bearing bore that needs attention within the case of a standard bedplate and also the upper half bore of the under-slung engine type.

The mating bearing caps will be reused, however more often than not, new bearing caps are provided by the manufacture with the 0.5 bore having AN allowance left within the bore for final machining on assembly.

Associated repairs and procedures joined to bedplate main bearing bore work would take the form of advanced metal stitching of heat evoked  cracking, edge of bearing cap match location and doable make-up plating to induce rid of fretting and wear, etc.