In-Situ Plating services

Our In-Situ Plating services

Dynamic Engineering Solution  provides in-situ plating machining service special  electro-plating to repair worn or damaged surfaces of industrial equipment. In addition to this application , crankshaft crank and main bearings of large diesel engines have been successfully repaired, insitu pating . This service can avoids  replacement of  major items of plant. Dynamics Engineering  supported various industrial sectors for their  in-situ plating requirements.

Dynamics Engineering provides electro-plating , copper platting ,hard chrome plating, electro-less nickel, nickel plating,  zinc and selective  in-situ plating services.

To reduce friction and ass corrosion resistance for material exposed to harsh operating conditions hard chrome plating is used. Our in-situ plating services have  following different application areas:

Replacing  worn or damaged  parts to their original size and shape.

Protecting the surfaces of new parts to help them resist corrosion.

In-situ  electro-plating

To repair  worn and damaged surfaces of industrial equipment the special selective electro-plating   technique is used. Using this technique we can repairs crankshaft, crank and main bearings of large diesel engines. This service will avoid the requirement to exchange major things of plant.

Our extremely good technicians and consultants within the operation of those exactitude tools and therefore the use of special measure instrumentality to confirm self-made finish results when.

Our skilled technicians are experts in the operation of these precision tools and the use of special measuring equipment to ensure successful end results every time.