A Major part of Dynamics Engineering is repair shafting journal on site Machining. Rotating equipement usually wears owing to oil starvation and major seizure. Our Orbit and fixed machining techniques provide major service in this field. It contains in Shafting journal grinding, machining and polishing on-site.

The advantage using this advanced orbital turning, grinding and honing technique that the corporate provides alleviates the requirement to get rid of the rotating half from it’s housing or mechanical device to repair damage to the journal or bearing surface.

Any material can be removed from damaged or worn diameters, pending customer and or OEM approval, to make good bearing surfaces, therefore bringing them back to serviceable condition.

In most heavy industries a vast range of rotating elements such as hydrogen seal areas, alternator journals and turbine, slip rings, coupling diameters and similar items our trained technicians work.

Our trained technical Engineering teams work on a vast range of rotating elements such as alternator journals and turbine, hydrogen seal areas, slip rings, coupling diameters and similar items of plant which can be found in most heavy industries.

We are known highly regarded company in this field and offer competitive commercial rates for this specialist on-site, on-board machining service.