Metal stitching

Metal stitching is a permanent repairing process for cracked, broken and fractured casting body which can’t be welded. Dynamics Engineering has developed mechanism for metal stitching and we are leader in this process.

Metal Stitching Advantages :

  • Permanent repairs of cracks and fractures.
  • In-situ / On site repair.
  • No workpiece distortion due to cold process.
  • Restoration to more than original strength of damaged part.
  • Gas / liquid proof repair.
  • No need for extensive re-machining.
  • Low restoration time.

Application Range :

  • Mining equipment
  • Gear box housing
  • Bed plate frame
  • Cylinder heads
  • Pump casings
  • Engine block
  • Forging hammer
  • Motor legs
  • Compressor cylinder
  • Lathe/Pressbed
  • Generators
  • Loco heads
  • C. I. Equipment