About Us

Dynamics Engineering Solutions

Dynamics Engineering Solutions are a leading provider of  an on-site machining, in-situ machining and heavy machining services. We will consistently provide the very best portable machining solutions to the full satisfaction of all our clients. A wide range of industries all over on a 24 hours working  programme as required by our customers.

We  offer a top quality on-site  heavy machining service with a professional team of engineers in a cost effective manner, anywhere at any time . We have  the  ability  to continuously satisfy our customers.

Our professional team of Employee  is   key to our growth and success. Their safety is our highest priority. We ensure all our onsite technicians are fully trained to operate any equipment they bring to the site and stress that no job is worth doing unsafely.

Our dedicated team of engineers and skilled craftsmen are used to global travelling and are fully versed in working in planned and urgent unplanned working situations using a diverse range of portable machines and machining techniques. They are able to design standard and special purpose machining tools and associated equipment.

Our client base includes companies in the Petro Chemical, Steel , Marine, Power Generation,  Cement and a variety of process plant.

The company features a absolutely equipped  machine shop and manufacture machine tools, jigs and fixtures in house to exacting standards. Dynamics Engineering Solutions’ stress on quality is extraordinarily vital given the high exactitude parts the corporate is concerned in repairing, like turbo machinery and diesel bearing journals and mating housings. These parts have to be compelled to be refurbished to the makers criterion and to an equivalent operating tolerances.

Using the on-site machining approach to repair alleviates the necessity for large items of machinery to be removed from the plant, factory or ship yard to be repaired, saving money in dismantling, transporting and subsequent re-assembly of equipment. Many of these generating, manufacturing and marine sites are situated in isolated areas of the world; the cost to repair away from site becomes unviable due to lengthy turn-around times.