Metal Stitching

Metal Stitching

Repairing cracking  or fractures in all forms of cast metal without welding , onsite in-place metal stitching is used.

Metal Stitching is generally used in all medium / heavy castings, Engine Blocks,  Pump casings,Gearboxes, Crankcases,Mining equipment,Gear box housing,Bed plate frame,Cylinder heads, Pump casings,Engine block,Motor legs,Compressor cylinder,Lathe/Pressbed,Forging hammer,Generators,Loco heads, C. I. Equipment etc.

Mostly Cast iron material uses this service, and due to it’s open grain structure it is very difficult metal To repair by welding. It requires preheating before welding , because of that it cause additional stress related damage to the casting. Metal stitching uses cold repair process .Using a series of pins and locks without using heat caused welding and does not distort casting during servicing.  In metal stitching it is necessary to stitch along full length of the crack or fracture with a series of interlocking stitching pins.

In high stressed areas toughened steel locks are introduced into the repair and installed at 90 degrees, at regular intervals along the length and bisecting the stitching pin line. Case In every pins and locks are properly sealed to give leak free repair even under high pressure.This is cost effective method as compare to dismantled and removed from site for repair and saves castings from being reduced to the scrap yard.

due to the tougher nature of the stitching pins and locks and sealing properties used in the process together with an engineered approach to each repair.

Advantages of Metal Stitching

  • Permanent repairs of cracks and fractures.
  • In-situ repair.
  • No workpiece distortion due to cold process.
  • Restoration to more than original strength of damaged part.
  • Gas / liquid proof repair.
  • No need for extensive re-machining.
  • Low restoration time.